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      Medium Speed Wire Cut EDM CNC Machining Center Die-sink EDM High Speed Small Hole Drilling  

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      15 years of professional experience. Focus on high-end users. A leading manufacturer owned the world's high-tech of Medium Speed WEDM、Computerized Numerical Control EDM、 CNC milling machining center. Since 2003 : in the 15 years has been focused on research and development about product technology. Currently developing into a leading manufacturer in China and owned a number of patents. Main products: servo motor CNC medium speed WEDM, CNC High speed WEDM , CNC machining centers, EDM and EDM high-speed piercing machines, etc....

      Each of our new product design, development,
      trial production, assembly, testing, etc.
      are independently done by JR independent R&D team. The design and development of a variety of new standard products
      patent about ultra-low loss high-frequency technology.
      it can continue to improve according to customer needs and provide upgrade services.
      Application process is our R & D team focus on the object
      We constantly through the test proofing to find more
      stable and more effective solutions to ensure that the machine work efficiently.
      JR line cutting department was established to undertake vari

      JR line cutting department was established to undertake vari

      Introduction to JRs processing Department Characteristic one: Our company all use medium wire cutting. I also use high-speed wire processing machine to process fast moving wire. It has high speed, high accuracy, good fi.........[more]

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